Bariuma Ramen – is super rich tonkotsu shoyu ramen with high quality soy sauce for the base of the soup in which the natural flavor of tonkotsu is well extracted. 

We strive for our original ramen over many years and completed really “tasty”, “an addictive flavor” but with simple preparation.  Our ramen in rich pork flavored soup has consistent popular around the world. 

“We will keep trying our best to serve you an ultimate ramen every day”

The preparation of Bariuma Super Rich Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen. 

An essence of the ramen is the soup. The ingredients of the pork soup are selected carefully and prepare under hygienic condition. Potherb, chicken foot, pork bone and other ingredients are put together and boil for more than 10 hours to produce creamy soup. 

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